2016 Beef Industry Safety Summit Research Session Abstracts

Post-Harvest Research

Development and Application of a Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) Expressing E. coli O103 Surrogate for Tracking Contamination through Grinding and Identifying Persistent Points of Contamination
Mick Bosilevac – USDA-ARS

Phenotypic and Genomic Characterization of the Newly Discovered Serotype Lubbock of Salmonella enterica
Marie Bugarel - Texas Tech University

Validation of Antimicrobial Interventions Including use of Peroxyacetic Acid (PAA) in a Bone Dust Cabinet and Spray Chill System in a Commercial Beef Harvest Operation
Brittney R. Bullard - Colorado State University

Electrostatic Antimicrobial Application to Beef Trim and Poultry Parts
Haley E. Davis - Colorado State University

Validation of Antimicrobial Interventions Including use of Peroxyacetic Acid (PAA) in a Spray Chill System and a Head Spray Cabinet in a Commercial Beef Harvest Operation
Rinara C. Kiel - Colorado State University

Carcass Washing: First Line of Defense on Beef Pathogen Intervention Strategies
Carolina Mateus - DeLaval Manufacturing

Preliminary Investigation of Antibiotic Resistant and Susceptible Campylobacter in Retail Ground Beef in the United States
Katelyn Ortega - Texas Tech University

Characterizing Differences in Shiga Toxin-Producing Escherichia coli (STEC) Attachment to Pre-Rigor and Chilled Beef Carcass Surfaces
Randall Phebus - Kansas State University

Pre-Harvest Research

Saccharomyces cerevisiae Fermentation Products that Reduces the Presence, Virulence, and Antibiotic Resistance of Salmonella and the Presence of E. coli O157:H7 in Beef Cattle
Steve A. Carlson - Iowa State University

Characterization of Enterococci, Salmonella spp., and Generic Escherichia coli Isolated from the Feces of Cattle Fed Rations With and Without Tylosin Phosphate
C. R. Carlson - Colorado State University

Investigating the Effect of Tulathromycin Exposure on Antimicrobial Resistance Ecology in Feedlot Cattle during the Early Feeding Period Using Shotgun Metagenomics
Enrique Doster - Colorado State University

Evaluation of Sodium Chlorate as a Pre-Harvest Intervention for Controlling Salmonella in the Peripheral Lymph Nodes of Cattle
Tom S. Edrington - USDA ARS

Characterizing Variation in Antimicrobial Resistance between Environments within Natural and Conventional Beef Operations
Steven Lakin - Colorado State University

The Beef Fecal Resistome Differs from Other Commodities
Noelle Noyes - Colorado State University

Development and Evaluation of Bacteriophage Cocktail against Salmonella Isolated from the Beef Feedlot Environment
Yicheng Xie - Texas A&M