2015 Beef Industry Safety Summit Research Session Abstracts

Post-Harvest Research

In Plant Validation of High and Low pH Centron (AFTEC 3000) for use as a Whole Carcass Antimicrobial Intervention
Margaret Weinroth – Colorado State University

Prevalence of Resistant and Susceptible Campylobacter in Retail Ground Beef
Katelyn Ortega – Texas Tech University

Novel Electrolyzed Oxidizing Water Based Clean-In-Place Meat Grinder Sanitation Process Development and Optimization
Ravirajsinh Jadeja – University of Georgia<

Salmonella enterica Strain Typing Using Next-generation Sequencing Technology – Intrepid Bioinformatics Bacterial Typing Portal
Ted Kalbfleisch – Intrepid Bioinformatics

Genomic Comparison of Salmonella enterica Serotypes Commonly Associated with Cattle and Beef – Analysis of Variation in Virulence Potential
Dayna Harhay –  United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service

A Novel Approach to Measuring Salmonella Levels in Raw Beef and Poultry Products
Melody Thompson – Cargill

Distribution of Salmonella of Lymph Node Origin Throughout Ground Beef
Katelyn Malin – Texas Tech University

Direct Rapid Detection of Beef Lymph Nodes Containing High Levels of Salmonella
Mick Bosilevac –  United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service

Pre-Harvest Research

Effectiveness of an Increased Dose of Bovamine Compared to a Lower Dose to Reduce Salmonella in Fed Cattle
Terry Arthur – United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service

Investigation into Possible Breed Differences in Salmonella Prevalence in the Peripheral Lymph Nodes of Cattle
Tyson Brown –  United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service

Vertical Transmission of Salmonella in Dairy Cattle
Devin Hanson  – Texas Tech University

Prevalence and Identification of Salmonella Bacteriophages in the Beef Feedlot Environment
Yicheng Xie – Texas A&M University

Prevalence, Identification, and Drug Resistance of Salmonella Serovars from Texas Beef Cattle Feedlots
Matthew Taylor – Texas A&M University

Shotgun Metagenomic Sequencing Reveals Lack of Antimicrobial Resistance in Beef
Noelle Noyes – Colorado State University

Use of Next-generation Sequencing and Robust Bioinformatics to Detect and Identify Foodborne Pathogen Genes in Cattle and Their Environments
Xiang Yang – Colorado State University

PCR- and Culture-based Methods to Detect and Quantify Six Major Non-0157 Serogroups of Shiga Toxin-producing Escherichia coli in Cattle Feces
T.G.Nagaraja – Kansas State University